Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Green Woodpecker

Green Woodpecker - Birthday Card
May 2020 - Watercolour, ink, pastel, wax / masking fluid resist.

Batik Art Postcards

More Art Postcards

Art Postcard - Bez Jar in the Desert. Ink drawing of a Egyptian Bez Jar ( as seen at the Oriental Museum, Durham) collaged onto watercolour background. 

Art Postcard. A Friend's Garden in watercolour.

Watercolour Seascapes / Mixed media Seascapes

Some postcard sized watercolour seascapes for Art Postcard project.

and 4 Mixed media seascape postcards

Glimpses of Landscape series

 Abstract compositions made from Brusho on masking tape on watercolour paper. Suggest impressionistic glimpses of landscapes of foliage, flowers, water. All postcard sized except final piece = A4.

Dynamic series 2020 - Abstract works

A series of works inspired by my son's PHD in aerodynamic engineering. Some postcard sized, some A4 sized. Colours and shapes taken from selection of diagrams and graphs.  Watercolour with oil pastel resist on watercolour paper.

Article in the Teesdale Mercury April 2020